Private residence

Staying at private houses

Not a luxurious room though
A gentle father mother
To a waiting private house
Let's stay.
Whether the land or the age is different,
With a warm heart
People who accept
I will be there.
Make your own self
Take off,
With unknown land
Let's put out ourselves.
Surely a wonderful memory
Because it should be.

Basic plan

Half board (morning and evening) 10,800 yen
●Bathing is a hot spring in Kikuchi city
●Accommodation original experience menu
Meals with plenty of local ingredients together with the host I will make it. For each accommodation, it is unique in the countryside We have a menu of experiences. Take a bath to a hot spring in the city. Let's join in with local people and enjoy interaction.Please experience Kikuchi blessed with rich nature with the senses.

Enjoy a hearty homemade vegetable family partyAkahoshi family

A red star in a peaceful mountain. Mr. Chiaki says, "When I get older, I will definitely become a solid place." "I think that by being able to become a grand father or a grandpa, by interacting with people," I laugh. The ingredients of the meal are particular about home-made, vegetables grown with organic pesticide and dishes using seasonal wild vegetables are popular. Yuuko said, "The best boast is pickle, I always make many kinds, I am happy because everyone will be pleased." In addition to being able to experience agriculture at home fields, experience menus according to the seasons and the weather such as making a custom of Kikuchi that makes horses with straw, making bamboo crafts such as bamboo lanterns and bamboo dragonfolk, making kumamoto specialty suddenly making dumplings Collective.

Akahoshi family

You can enjoy antiquesKudo family

A peaceful countryside standing near the Kikuchi River. Opening the door of the warehouses built behind the gentle gate, modern interiors of Japanese, which can not be imagined from a heavy appearance, will appear. Warehouses that once kept rice and miso. Mr. Kudo "I wanted to leave the building and I love talking with people." If everyone is happy, he decided to refurbish in order to make a private night luggage. A space where you can feel comfortable while feeling nostalgia was completed. On the first floor with living room and bedroom, dishes and paintings are displayed. As well as furniture, commitment also overflows in accessories and decorations. On the 2nd floor, the old folk goods held in the former home are slurped. Room tidy like a museum does not get tired of seeing it forever. A private residence like a gallery.

Kudo family