Kikuchi hometown council

【The purpose】

The Council aims to promote exchange with local residents and visitors by utilizing the characteristics of the area in Kikuchi City to promote exchanges with local residents and visitors, thereby improving living of the citizens of all ages and young people, improving income and creation of business And to establish a system that cooperates, cooperates and cooperates with each other and leads to regional revitalization.


In order to achieve the purpose, the council conducts the projects listed in the following items.
(1) Planning and implementation of tours and events centered on agricultural accommodation
(2) Development and enforcement of tourism contents such as agricultural accommodation and experience program
(3) Promotion of resettlement through agricultural housing
(4) Human Resource Development for Receiving Status
(5) Networking of regional resources and dissemination of information ・ Information gathering
(6) Other necessary projects to achieve the purpose of the council

【History of establishment】

1. In the year of Heisei 20, a lecture meeting promoting agricultural accommodation sponsored by Kikuchi city will be held with the aim of increasing revenues of farmers. Residents' workshops etc. are also held in Longmen district, etc. and opinions are exchanged. Citizens and organizations interested in promoting agricultural activities participating in them gathered, regularly hold meetings and monitor tours, etc. to extract issues, skill up, share information and form consensus.

2. On March 9, Heisei 29, promote exchange between local residents and visitors by agricultural housing, life experiences, etc. making full use of the characteristics of the area at Motoichi, promoting interchange between local residents and visitors, promoting interchange between local residents and visitors, "Kikuchi Furusato experience experience council" was established by residents who agree with the objective of creating business, creating a system to cooperate, cooperate and cooperate with each other and to revitalize the area.

3. In FY2004, we start a private housing business from 4 apartments.